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About us

GADGET Efectos Especiales is a studio that works designing and creating special effects for any of the audiovisual media.

Our field of activity focusses mainly in the creation of prosthetic make up effects, animatronics, props, bodyparts, animal replicas, mechanical effects,

interactive elements and mechanics...

We develope our work in fields like: movie features, commercials, theatre, events, museology and any area that may require our services.


We offer a wide range of solutions for projects development, adapting our work to the needs of each particular project, always offering the highest quality.


Amongst our artistic and technical skills we offer: concept design, sculpting, moulding and casting elements, painting, mechanics, electronics,  3D design /printing, sewing/fabrication, prosthetic make up, wig making and general hair work... all of them applied to the creation of the different special effects.



Visit our "Videos" section to see some examples of our work.




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