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Workshop test videos of several special effects.

FX: Prosthetics

Cut veins


FX: Props



FX: Props

Injection 2


FX: Mechanical

Conducted smoke


FX: Mechanical

Conducted smoke II


FX: Animatronics



FX: Bite on neck (prosthetics)


FX: Shot on the head

(no pyrotechnics)

FX: Animatronics with prosthetics

(Making of)

FX: Animatronics with prosthetics


FX: Shot on the face (prosthetics)

(no pyrotechnics)


FX: Animatronic larva


FX: Zombie make up (prosthetics)


FX: Torches


FX: "Cenobite" make up (prosthetics)


FX: Pizza from hell (animatronic)


FX: Zombie make up II (prosthetics)


FX: Freddy Krueger glove replica


FX: Lycan (animatronic)


FX: Fire steps test


FX: Belly effect


FX: Snap blade cutting tongue (props)


FX: Snap blade cutting arm (props)


FX: Breakaway glass bottle (props)


FX: Animatronic corpse dummy (animatronics)

FX: Brain impulses effect (props)


FX: Breakaway vases (ceramic effect)


FX: Interactive anatomical display


FX: Animatronic claw

FX: Stabbing effect

FX: Props

Stone props for lapidation


FX: Props

Slice the neck

FX: Animatronics

Mutant Character (Making of)

FX: Animatronics

Mutant character (Making of)


FX: Props and electronic engineering

Electro chest (Making of)

FX: Pyro FX + Digital FX

Laser blaster effect

FX: Pyrotechnics

Bullet hits


FX: Mechanics and engineering

GoPro Camera harness body rig

FX: Breakaway

Breakaway window

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